Tata Coffee…bitter for consumers sweet for shareholders

An interesting blog from  Niteen Dharmawat… he analyses coffee trends for the coming year along with the numbers and projections of Tata Coffee.

This can be an interesting stock pick at or rather Value Pick as Niteen calls it…do visit his slide presentation for details.

Link for Tata Coffee PPT http://dharmawat.blogspot.in/2014/03/tata-coffee-discover-refreshing-world.html

Ps:  After much persuasion he said that his conservative target for the stock is Rs 1400/-!  Enjoy…a cup of coffee and the stock!



  • Res madam,
    thanks fr ur value added stock suggestions. Can u pl add more on TATA COFFE.

    with rgds
    d k bhattacharya

    d k bhattacharyaJuly 20, 2014
    • Its a stock that is closely held – one investor has a large percentage, so it seems to move in fits and starts, but stay invested, earnings for next couple of quarters may be a little patchy but if you have a long term view stay invested.


      Sharmila JoshiNovember 7, 2014

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