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ET Now Stock Game…Winner!

For the week from 30/1/2012 to 3/2/2012 I took part in the Stock Game on ET Now called Buy Now Sell Now. There are three participants who play for the week – at the end of the week I won Participants Profit Sharmila Joshi 78995.55 Madhumita Ghosh 49115.05 Akshata Deshmukh 769.90 The rules of the […]

Q3FY12 Infosys net exceeds expectations, guidance disappoints, having said that…..

Infosys kickstarts the Q3FY12 earnings. Expectedly (thanks to the rupee depreciation) the numbers exceeded street expectation and the Q3 net was up 25% at Rs 2372 crores and lets not forget that this is a QoQ growth for a company the size of Infosys. What disappointed however was their guidance for the next quarter.In the […]

First Post

Information overload over the last couple of years have made equity markets a complex proposition.  We have a deluge of data that hits us on a daily basis and so many opinions being voiced on media – technical, fundamental – short-term long-term, day trading, BTST, SL, IIP, Inflation, GDP, Interest Rates…. And there are no […]