ET Now Stock Game…Winner!

For the week from 30/1/2012 to 3/2/2012 I took part in the Stock Game on ET Now called Buy Now Sell Now.

There are three participants who play for the week – at the end of the week I won

Participants Profit
Sharmila Joshi 78995.55
Madhumita Ghosh 49115.05
Akshata Deshmukh 769.90

The rules of the game are as follows:

MAKING THE PORTFOLIO (Picking the Stocks)

  • 3 experts (2 technical analysts and 1 fundamental) have been given a notional amount of 5 lakh rupees each. The size of each of their portfolios will not exceed Rs 5,00,000.
  • They will invest this money in 4 stocks and provide us with their TARGET, STOP LOSS and QUANTITY.
  • The market cap of the chosen stocks must be above 350 crores.
  • The stocks should be listed on the NSE. The buy price of the chosen stock will be the Close Price on NSE.
  • The experts have an option of recommending only one stock from the F&O space. In the F&O segment the margin for the index is 20%. Margin for stocks in F&O segment is 25% till a limit of 1,30,000 contract size.
  • Selling can be done in the cash market as well but the trade will compulsorily be reversed at 3:25 pm. In this case a NEW stock will be required by the expert for the next day.
  • Targets or Stop Losses cannot be revised on an intraday basis. In case a particular stock is retained for the next day, the original Target, Stop Loss and Buy price also remain unchanged.

CHURNING THE PORTFOLIO (Changing the Stocks)

  • At the end of each trading day, experts will have to churn their portfolio. They will discard 2 stocks and give 2 new stocks.
  • Also if a particular Target or Stop Loss is hit the analysts will have to compulsarily change his/her stock.
  •  Trade will compulsorily be reversed at 3:25 pm for selling in the cash market. In this case a NEW stock will be required by the expert for the next day.
  • Buying/selling of stocks which closed at upper/lower circuit is NOT ALLOWED.
  • Part selling or additional buying in the stock is NOT ALLOWED. The stock needs to be totally replaced.


  • The expert who makes the most returns on an absolute basis wins.
It felt good to win with such a good margin! While I did get lucky on a couple of days overall my reading of the market was spot on and my strategy worked well, so much so that on a couple of days I hit target on all my four stocks.




  • SIR /Madam


    G S BHATIAMarch 30, 2015
    • It is by invitation from ET Now

      Sharmila JoshiApril 8, 2015
  • Can we participate in stock game I am a independent technical analyst & maintain my own clients

    PushkarSeptember 21, 2015
    • Sorry, but ET now invites you – send me your write-up I will forward to guest co-ordinator at Et

      Sharmila JoshiSeptember 22, 2015

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